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Client Testimonials

Now I make sure to listen to the warning signals.


 Kaaren helped me out at a time when I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. I was ignoring important aspects of my life and business. and this was causing issues in my day to day functioning. I was finding it harder and harder to manage by myself. 

At the time I didn't realise I was actually experiencing stress!

Kaaren provided me with some strategies to help bring things back into perspective and regain clarity and control. Bit by bit things slowly returned to normal. Now I make sure to listen to the warning signals.      


She is such a great listener...


I highly recommend Kaaren as a fantastic (health) coach. She is such a great listener and worked with me to to support me towards achieving my wellness goals. I was struggling to manage my stress and my health was taking a beating for it, but with Kaaren's gentle support and encouragement I was able to get through this tough time and re-establish some healthy habits again.
'Thanks Kaaren'

Thank you.. for believing in me!


"As my coach, you were authentic, straight to the point and encouraging, during our coaching sessions together. I was embarking on some significant changes in my life and your coaching style was just what I needed to give me much needed clarity and ideas I hadn't considered.

Thank you for your kind and patient authenticity. And for believing in me