Margaret River

A new space, a better model, and YOU at the heart of it all.

A beginning

Arise Health is the very beginning of what we hope will one day be, a unique, integrative health centre. A place that empowers you to improve your physical, mental,  social and environmental wellbeing, in an integrated and holistic manner. 

A communal space

Put simply, we’re striving to create a caring communal space, where a small team of practitioners work together to provide truly comprehensive person centered care. 

Optimum Health

Optimum health requires addressing all of the pillars of health – sleep, nutrition, movement, breath, mentality and community. We are working to create a team that can provide considered care for all of them.

Our services

Arise Health Margaret River currently offers Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage Therapy,  and Physiotherapy. You can learn more about each modality on the respective practitioners bio pages. 

Your health

Our goal is to care for and empower you to make positive and informed choices towards health and a greater quality of life, every day.

Experience tells us that the best health outcomes are achieved when health practitioners are able to work cohesively, pulling together our varied skill sets to address multiple elements of health for each individual.

That will be the beauty of Arise Health.

Currently all practitioners working from Arise Health are operating separate businesses so regarding reception enquires, please contact your practitioner directly.

Our Practitioners


Nicola Raimbert

Nicola Raimbert


Nicola is drawn to osteopathy by its holistic philosophy and gentle hands on approach. She values the large range of techniques available to osteopaths that enable her to care for clients of all ages and treat a wide variety of conditions.

Lucienne Steel

Lucienne Steel


Lucie believes in the healing power of nature and works on an individual level to create personalised prescriptions and treatment plans tailored to each client. Understanding well the challenges of our busy lives, she strives to make her care realistically implementable for each individual. 

Nikki Jongedyk

Nikki Jongedyk

Remedial Massage Therapist

Nikki was initially drawn to massage to help break the ‘self-indulgence versus self-care’ stigma. A big advocate for consistent, monthly care, Nikki enjoys creating a safe place for people to have some time out, focus on their own health, and reduce both their physical and mental stresses.

Courtney Payne

Courtney Payne


Courtney is drawn to physiotherapy due to its ability to positively impact quality of life by easing symptoms and restoring movement. Her passion for treating women through all of life’s stages began while pregnant with her first child.

Clinic Hours

Weekdays:  9am-5pm

Saturday:  9am-2pm 


Arise Health

3/28 Station Rd

Margaret River, WA 6285


Ph: (08) 9774 5630

Fax: (08) 6477 3696 

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