Arise Health

A new space, a better model, and YOU at the heart of it all.

A beginning…

Arise Health is the very beginning of what we hope will one day be, a unique, integrative health centre. A place that empowers you to improve your physical, mental, spiritual, social and environmental wellbeing, in an integrated and holistic manner.

Put simply, we’re striving to create a caring communal space, where a small team of practitioners work together to provide truly comprehensive person centred care. Our goal is to care for and empower you to make positive and informed choices towards health and a greater quality of life, every day.

Optimum health requires addressing all of the pillars of health – sleep, nutrition, movement, breath, mentality and community. Experience tells us that the best health outcomes are achieved when health practitioners are able to work cohesively, pulling together our varied skill sets to address multiple elements of health for each individual. That will be the beauty of Arise Health.

We want to set clear expectations.

Currently all practitioners working from Arise Health are operating separate businesses so regarding reception enquires, please contact your practitioner directly.

Moving forward, every practitioner at Arise Health has committed to:

  • A monthly staff meeting for the purposes of furthering our own education about each others modalities, methods of care and areas of special interest. These meetings will also allow us to discuss complex client cases (with client permission) and create individualised integrative holistic care plans.
  • Communicating. True integrative care requires practitioners to continue communicating. The onus is on us, to keep each other informed about shared cases, including client goals, progress, set backs, changes in treatment plan etc.

Building this clinic will be a journey that will take time and we welcome any feedback that you may have about creating such a space for our community.

You can read more about the practitioners and modalities involved here. If you are a healthcare practitioner who shares our passion and perspective and are interested in joining us, please get in touch. We are open to all possibilities and are particularly interested in adding a massage therapist, mental health worker & kinesiologist to our team.