by Lucienne Steel – Naturopath

It can be tricky to stay healthy during the holidays, but here are my top tips:

  • Put a full water glass *right* next to the alcoholic drink to make it as easy as you possibly can to switch between the two. Make it the smallest possible deviation for your hand. If you’re walking around, put a water bottle next to the esky so you can drink water between beers. There are heaps of delicious mocktail recipes out there, it can be as simple as juice with soda water and some mint.
  • Be sure to add extra protein and fibre intake to offset blood sugar imbalances and decrease sugar cravings amongst the chocolates and booze. Alcohol will wildly increase blood sugar swings so be aware of that if you’re already struggling with insulin resistance or sugar cravings. Staying hydrated and adding a magnesium supplement can also help.
  • Maintain exercise routines as much as you can and/or plan fun exercise like snorkeling at the beach, a massive dance sesh or exploring that forest trail you’ve heard about. Keeping the body moving will aid lymphatics to support your immune system and help your body process the excesses.
  • Favourite herbal teas for this time of year: I always love a dandy chai for the liver and circulation boost, hibiscus tea looks stunning in a wine glass, and a sprig of rosemary in a mug of hot water helps clear the brain fog after a big night.

I hope you have a great summer, do try to rest and take it easy amongst all the chaos. If this time of year is hard for you, please do reach out (Lifeline 13 11 14). Be safe, have fun, feel free to hit me up in January if you want help with those NYE resolutions 😉