Lucienne Steel – Naturopath

Historically, menopause was a natural and welcome end to a woman’s childbearing years, and in many developing countries it is still viewed this way. The early French physicians were responsible for the term ‘menopause’ but they believed that once this menopausal period was over, a new stage of renewed life and vigour were to follow. In stark contrast, in the modern western world, menopause is often viewed as a deficiency disease characterised by loss.”

– Leah Hechtman

I see this attitude around me all the time – women feeling like ‘dried up husks’ or feeling invisible and discarded by society once they can no longer reproduce, as if that is their only purpose! I encourage you to reject that thought process and grab with both hands this “new stage of renewed life and vigour”. 

This is the time to reset and refocus, to set yourself up for the 30, 40, 50 years ahead. The average life expectancy is 85 and climbing;  1 in 3 of us is expected to live to 100. We need to look at nutrition, work that body, address those niggling concerns and go out 50 years from now knowing we lived it up, knowing we stayed strong and stable and vibrant and joyful for as long as we could.

Here are some affirmations that may help set your intentions for perimenopause (from Please take a big breath in through your nose, big loud sigh out of your mouth, drop your shoulders away from your ears and read these aloud. For just a minute, forget everything else, focus on where you are and how you’re feeling in your body. Thank yourself for being open to learning and growing through this transition.

I trust the process of life.

I welcome change with open arms, knowing it will bring growth and expansion into my life.

I honour my body and all it does for me daily.

I listen to my body and give it what it needs.

I am powerful beyond measure.

You really are, you know. I hope you know that, and I hope you have a wonderful day.